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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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his lord and father—they say, to marry a princess of Prussia, whereof great preparations have been making in his equipage and in his breeches.
Poor Prince Craon! where did De Sade get fifty sequins ? When I was at Florence, you know all his clothes were in pawn to his landlord; but he redeemed them, by pawning his Modenese Mil of credit to his landlady! I delight in the style of the neutrality-maker6—his neutralities and his English are perfectly of a piece.
You have diverted me excessively with the history of the Princess EleonoraV posthumous issue—but how could the woman have spirit enough to have five children by her footman, and yet not have enough to own them ? Keally, a woman so much in the great world should have known better ! Why, no yeoman's dowager could have acted more prudishly! It always amazes me, when I reflect on the women, who are the first to propagate scandal of one another. If they would but agree not to censure what they all agree to do, there would be no more loss of characters among them than amongst men. A woman cannot have an affair, but instantly all her sex travel about to publish it and leave her off: now, if a man cheats another of his estate at play, forges a will, or marries his ward to his own son, nobody thinks of leaving him off for such trifles !
The English parson at Stosch's, the Archbishop on the chapter of music, the fanciulla's persisting in Chiaverei, and old Count Galli's distress, are all admirable stories. But what is the meaning of Montemar's writing to the Antinora ? —I thought he had left the Galla for my illustrissima8, her sister. Lord! I am horridly tired of that romantic love and correspondence! Must I answer her last letter ? there were
8 Admiral Matthews.    Walyole. 7 Eleonora of Guastalla, widow of the last Cardinal of Medici, died at
Venice.    Walyole. 8 Madame G-rifoni.